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Brown, Black, White, and Me

by Karina Guardiola-Lopez


Not brown enough in appearance

Not black enough to relate

Not white enough because, look at my ancestor’s gifts


A Mezo-American, of Mayan Indian, African and Spanish descent

A blend of nations that rival with one another

With all this hate in me, how do I love so hard?


A multifaceted identity

Too obscure on the eyes

Too complex for identifiers and check boxes

I, without typology, they call me hybrid

I am mixed, I stay in the median

But without denying this genealogy

And the stories of pride, pain, and power

About the Author

Karina Guardiola- Lopez, is a writer, poet, actor and educator from New York City. She has been published in various magazines, anthologies and websites including: Writing For Peace, Great Weather for Media, The Scrib Arts Journal, Indolent Books, Poetica Magazine, Acentos Review, New Voices Anthology, The BX Files, just to name a few.

She has also featured at various venues including: The NYC Poetry Festival at Governor's Island, National Black Theatre, Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Q-Boro Lit Crawl, The Bronx Museum and many other locations. She has facilitated many writing workshops for the youth and now for adults. For more information, visit

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