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Initially, the term "Ice Colony" was derived from the term La Hielera, meaning The Ice Box, a name given to one of many detention facilities where Central American and Mexican migrants are held under harsh conditions including extreme cold. But as our work has continued, we've come to realize that there are so many others out there, from all walks of life, who struggle with borders both physical and metaphorical. Those who struggle usually live in a darkness so cold, it freezes time, making one feel stuck in the dark. Our name reflects that cold and the many people who have colonized it, so others after them won’t have to. While our primary focus is on the migrant life, this podcast is here to ensure that we tell the stories of people seeking refuge in any form, and inspire humanity, generosity, and knowledge. And so, begin the stories of the colonization...we hope you’re ready.

Our Mission

Tell stories of real people and real situations, so that if you, the listener, may ever come across someone who is seeking refuge in any form, you know some origins of their struggle & pain. We leave you to take it from there.


Podcast and Ezine

Although inspired in part by true events, our stories are fictional and do not depict any actual person or event. With several podcasts about immigration, it seems overwhelming to connect with one or even a few. Our podcast combines two things for a wider audience: true events that happen in the migrant life with a fictional lens to evoke empathy and bring their stories to life. Perhaps a wider audience can start making even the slightest difference.

Meet The Team



Cynthia Pelzer

Cynthia’s animated style of speaking and her ability to be a factory of weird and fun facts makes for unforgettable conversations. You’re one of her favorites when she shares them with you. She is a go to for people seeking wise and encouraging words. She is the epitome of being blessed and well dressed and loves inspiring women through faith and fashion. You can spark commonalities with her through good autobiographies.


Producer & Director

Pieri Camacho

Hailing from Miami, Pieri is a Venezuelan powerhouse. When she isn't working alongside directors filming commercials and acting reels, her daytime job as a nurse keeps her plenty busy. Her true passion has always been rooted in the film industry, where she continues to develop her skills as a producer and director, and is an emerging script and blog writer. Oh, let's not forget, she's also a podcaster.

Vanessa Ferreira.JPG

Chief Editor

Vanessa Chica Ferreira

Vanessa Chica Ferreira is a NYC educator, writer, poet, playwright and fat activist. She is a lover and supporter of all things creative who believes there is strength in vulnerability and is getting stronger every day. For more information on her work, please visit

Jovanna Brinck.jpg

Copy Editor

Jovanna Brinck

Services Here. Jovanna Brinck, born and raised in the Bay Area, spends her time reading. When she isn’t reading, she’s dancing hula and running for miles on end- never at the same time, unfortunately. Being multi-racial, Jovanna finds a home in spaces where different cultures are celebrated and everyone can learn from one another. Jovanna recently graduated from UCLA, where she studied English and Environmental Science. She’s currently pursuing a career in publishing so she can read her life away.


Copy Editor



Services here. Andy Serrato is a freelance writer and editor on Fiverr. She edits and writes for bloggers, small businesses and influencers. Before becoming a freelancer, Andy wrote for the OC Register Newspaper and was first published when she was 18 years old. She also wrote for her blog for over 8 years and eventually produced a small podcast show. Andy has always had a passion for writing and wants to go on to publish a novel. 





Sabrina is a part-time, full-time, and over-time cheer mom. When she isn’t following her daughter in competitions and practice nine days a week, she digs into poetry or romance novels. You can catch her at the park hugging trees or just standing there filled with gratitude for mother nature’s beauty. She will sage your house and put crystals in every room if you ask nicely.

Aiszah Rangel.jpeg


Aiszah Rangel

Aiszah Maria Rangel is a Mexican-American, Arab-American actor born and raised in the Chicagoland are. Her mission as a performer and a business woman is to bring more representation and opportunity to the Latino and Middle Eastern communities. She is currently represented by Gray Talent Group and is writing a play about Muslim women in America. She is thrilled to be a part of The Ice Colony and hopes to expand perspectives and break the cultural boundaries that set us apart.



Milton Espinoza

As a kid growing up in Newark, Milton had dreams of adding his name to the list of powerful people from Brick City. His purpose in life: giving voice to the voiceless. The stories he wants to share with the world are part of a Caribbean Rasanblaj for marginalized identities that aren't typically represented in mainstream media, theater, nor Hollywood. He currently studies Theater at Wesleyan University and intends to produce and star in his own original Hip-Hop/R&B musical after graduating from college.

Sofia Pellegrino.jpg




Sofia Pellegrino is an actress and realtor, born in Peru and raised in the Northern Virginia area.  Upon obtaining her B.S. in Accounting she pursued her childhood dream of acting and trained at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Washington, DC.  Since graduation, Sofia has landed roles on numerous prestigious National TV networks including PBS kids, Investigation Discovery, TLC, Netflix and TV one. Sofia made her debut as a writer and director in 2018 with the film "The Last Cry", which can be found on Amazon Prime.   "The Last Cry" has received nationwide recognition and has won several awards in film festivals throughout the United States. As a filmmaker, Sofia aims to tell stories that are empowering and motivating to the masses with the hopes of having an impact in society. Sofia has won BEST DIRECTOR at The New Jersey's Brightside Film Festival and at Los Angeles's Independent Short Awards. Sofia has also won BEST ACTRESS in Italy's Best Actor Award competition.  She hopes to continue to inspire people through her work. 


Sound Editor


Theo is an audio nerd and artist living in New Mexico. When he's not drinking coffee after midnight and listening to music, he's trying to impress his lucky black cat with gifts. He's always looking to perfect his craft. Find him on Fiverr





Blair is a lover of words and good stories. When she isn't curled up on the couch with her kiddo and husband, you can find her exploring the Ozark forests of Arkansas. She believes in the power of hugs, music, and good food and carries an unyielding faith that together people can change society for the better.

Image by Carlos E. Ramirez


Valentino Juarez

Valentino Juarez is the pen name of a writer you’ve probably never heard of. When writing under the pen name, Valentino listens to rancheras, cumbias, and late 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s hip hop. If you’re ever at Olvera Street in Los Angeles, you’ll see Valentino writing, wearing a luchador mask. If you’re brave enough, go over and say hi.

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